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3D UV hits the nation!

Coming soon exclusively at Impression D'Or



April 22nd 2014: 

Impression D'Or revolutionizes the print finishing industry. To provide you with what is best, we integrated to our service offering the JETvarnish 3D, allowing you to offer your customers the latest innovation, the 3D UV varnish. More than ever, your prints will come to life with breathtaking effects.


Raise the bar for your competitors by trusting Impression d'Or with your projects. We don't charge you for the wasted test pages. You only pay for the requested finished sheets. Also, because we offer all the finishing services under one roof, you save money on shipping.

Impression d'Or recently acquired a Sakurai press able to manage sheet size up to 28"X40" and a Directjet CTS from Richmond Graphic to print our silk straight from your PDF plans. Impression d'Or's U.V. Varnish Department is now one of the most complete in the market.

Furthermore, we recently upgraded our Lamination Department with a state of the art press made specifically for numeric impressions. To know more, contact our Estimation Department by email at: or fax us at: (514)729-2485.